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TaylorMade TP Penta Mix - Select Used Golf Balls in Bulk Mesh Bags

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Experience the excellence of TaylorMade with our TP Penta Mix, a carefully curated selection of used TaylorMade TP golf balls, predominantly featuring the acclaimed TP Penta models. This collection is perfect for golfers who appreciate the classic performance of the TP Penta series, renowned for its exceptional distance, control, and spin, but prefer the value of bulk purchases. The mesh bags offer a variety of these high-quality balls, ensuring a superior golfing experience without the premium price.

Each ball in the mix has been meticulously inspected to meet our standards of quality and playability. The TP Penta series, a precursor to the newer TP5 models, is celebrated for its innovative design and reliable performance on the course. The bulk mesh bags are not only economical but also echo our commitment to environmental sustainability by reducing packaging waste. Enhance your game with the trusted quality of TaylorMade TP Penta golf balls.

Key Features:

  • Quality TaylorMade TP Penta Balls: A selection of used TP Penta balls, known for their pioneering five-layer design.
  • Inspected for Superior Performance: Each ball is thoroughly checked for quality and playability.
  • Bulk Savings: Enjoy the benefits of purchasing premium golf balls in bulk.
  • Eco-Friendly Choice: Packaged in reusable mesh bags to minimize environmental impact.
  • Ideal for Various Skill Levels: Suitable for all golfers, from beginners to experienced players.

Product Bullets:

  • Focus on TP Penta Series: Mainly includes the popular TP Penta type balls, not the newer TP5 models.
  • Playable Condition: Balls in great shape, ready for both practice and competitive rounds.
  • Cost-Effective Golfing: Bulk purchasing offers significant savings and convenience.
  • Sustainable Packaging: Supports eco-conscious golfing practices.
  • Proven TaylorMade Quality: Enjoy the technology and performance that TaylorMade is known for.

The Golf Ball Nut Difference

  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! Our Strict 5 Step Quality Control ensures Customer Satisfaction Our Used Golf Balls are Backed by a 30 Day no Questions asked Guarantee These Used Golf Balls are Manufactured in the Worlds #1 Processing Facility for Recycled and Refinished used golf balls.
  • PRACTICAL! While helping the environment stay clean and making golf affordable. From the fairways to the water hazards buying bulk recycled golf balls helps cut the cost of your game and help improve your numbers. While giving the golfer a world where they can get a great deal on bulk buying recycled golf balls. For golfers looking to golf their best game.
  • PEACE OF MIND! Hitting the green without a care about losing a golf ball will become custom to a golfer. Recycled Golf balls are top deals today that will triple your value. Cheap and affordable and the best deal around. Bulk mix golf balls are cheap enough that if you lost one you wouldn't lose focus on your swing, you can enjoy your game of golf.


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*Photography is for preview purposes only, individual product appearance may vary.


Orders placed before 2pm EST Mon-Fri ship same day via FedEx or USPS. Free Shipping on all orders over $69 before tax, after all discounts applied.

How are Used Golf Balls Graded?

Mint (AAAAA)

Mint 5A AAAAA Used Golf Ball
  • Appear almost brand new.
  • Very little to no wear present.
  • Slight player markings (dots, small lines, etc.) may be present.
  • Logos may be present.
*Individual ball appearance may vary

Mint Refinished

Mint 5A AAAAA Refinished Golf Ball
  • Appear brand new (with small Refinished by Links Choice stamp).
  • Refurbished via stripping, painting, stamping, & clear-coating used golf balls.
  • Best value for fraction of the price brand new, while still performing similarly.
*Individual ball appearance may vary

Near Mint (AAAA)

Near Mint 4A AAAA Used Golf Ball
  • Appear like a ball that has been played for a hole or two.
  • Will show signs of slight wear. These can include, but are not limited to: slight cosmetic defects, small cover scratch, slight discoloration. Blemishes will not affect play-ability of the ball.
  • May contain larger player markings than Mint.
  • May contain logos.
*Individual ball appearance may vary


3A AAA Used Golf Ball
  • Will show signs of wear. These will appear visibly used.
  • No cut balls are present, but balls with small scuffs, scratches, discoloration, visible cosmetic defects, etc. are present.
  • Will contain large player markings.
  • May contain logos.
*Individual ball appearance may vary

Golf Ball Nut's Promise

Golf Ball Nut specializes in collecting, restoring, and selling used golf balls. If you are looking for cheap golf balls in the top brands, we are here for you. Save up to 70% on premium models, including Titleist, Callaway, TaylorMade, Bridgestone, and more. Our weekly golf ball sales have helped thousands of golfers save money on their favorite brand of balls. Our used golf balls come in both recycled and refinished golf balls. While we cannot find all of the lost golf balls out there, we certainly can do our part. Our team will continue to find innovative ways to locate as many balls as possible. Our technicians will continue to lead the way in restoring these used golf balls to a mint finish offering peak flight performance.