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Why Choose GolfBallNut?

Not only do we strive to provide the best quality used recycled and refinished golf balls in the business at the lowest prices, we strive to offer the best grading scale, discounts and incentives, and return policy in the industry. 

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Why Recycled/Refinished Golf Balls?

There are 3 clear reasons to use recycled/refinished golf balls: #1- You simply will not notice the difference. According to a study by GolfBallTest.org, there is virtually no difference between balls that have been recycled/refinished and brand new ones. This includes balls that have been submerged in water. #2 - Cost, you will save cash switching to recycled/refinished balls – sometimes half price or more over new balls of the same brand or type. #3 Go Green! for the environment. Golfers lose an estimated 300 million golf balls annually in the U.S. alone. Using recycled/refinished golf balls will help curb the amount of balls left out in our environment and reduce the amount of materials needed to manufacture the same amount of new balls.

  • Save up to 75% off retail prices!
  • Choose from the highest quality brands!
  • Play with the top balls!

The Process

Lost Golf Balls

Golf balls are shipped to our processing center in Virginia after being retrieved from golf courses across the country. Over 300 million golf balls are lost in the US annually.

Quality Restored

The golf balls are are scrubbed and washed to remove any dirt and debris. They are then dried, inspected by hand, and sorted by brand and model from mint condition down to shag balls. High end balls that have surface imperfections are then culled for the refinishing cycle. A mechanical wet blast carefully removes the original paint and finish from the balls, leaving the original surface to be re-coated, printed, and then re-clear coated. Every refinished golf ball is hand inspected for quality and consistency before packaging and shipping, and is marked with a Refinished logo to distinguish it from a recycled ball.

Are Used Golf Balls Water-Logged?

Not modern golf balls. Modern golf balls are made of various types of plastic, so they don’t absorb water. Older type of wound balls, pre 2000, can be water-logged if the outer cover is broken, allowing the water in. Balls in this condition would never make it to the consumer market, rather they would be broken down and sent to plastic recyclers.

Is There A Difference In Performance?

Little to none. Outside of cosmetics, the balls in all the various grades tested against new golf balls right out the package show only a very minimal loss, in fact a statistically insignificant loss of carry distance. GolfBallNut tested our Refinished balls with a consistent mechanical driver, the Iron Byron. The results showed that our Refinished golf balls fly as far or further than ordinary rewashed/recycled golf balls of the type sold by us and many of our competitors. The average golfer would not be able to duplicate the swing with any consistency to attain these averages over many shots, this loss of carry distance form 1-5 yards is absolutely minimal when you take into account all the other factors that come into play when you swing a club, such as plane of club, follow through, back swing, in/out or out/in, weight shift, lie etc.

Sold at Low Prices

The balls are then sorted into make and model and are ready for packaging and shipping upon order being received. This enables GolfBallNut to provide these balls at a fraction of the price of new.

Grading Scale

After finding and restoring the golf balls, we inspect and grade each ball.





New Bulk Buying Option without the Waste

We have chosen to eliminate the sale of buckets from our site to pass on additional savings to our customers and protect the environment from unnecessary plastic consumption and shipping waste. In it's place we are excited to announce tiered pricing as your option for buying in bulk!