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Meticulously designed for golfers who are looking for ultimate distance and incredible greenside control, TOUR B Golf Balls represent the most innovative and performance-orientated balls in Bridgestone history. Gradational Core construction amplifies distance through higher initial ball speeds and lower side spin. Featuring the world's first SMART Cover, the new REACTIV Urethane Cover promotes more distance and spin for greater accuracy and control in players short game.

  • TOUR B RXS Optic Yellow LOW/MID handicap golfers seeking DISTANCE + FEEL. Softer REACTIV urethane cover creates added friction for feel and control. Hi-Vis cover color.
  • TOUR B RX/RXS models feature a new 338 Dimple Pattern to maximize surface coverage and slow rotation for increased consistency and forgiveness


  • Slightly softer urethane cover compared to the TOUR B RX creates added friction for superior feel and control
  • Gradational Compression Core creates higher initial ball speed and lower side spin for distance and forgiveness
  • New urethane REACTIV Cover formulation provides more distance and spin for increased accuracy off the tee
  • World's first SMART Urethane Cover uses an 'impact modifier' to deliver different reactions on shots depending on the force of the impact
  • Dual Dimple Technology creates less aerodynamic drag for distance and more efficient shot trajectory
  • Seamless Cover Technology creates a perfectly balanced dimple pattern for consistent flight and performance
  • Dimple pattern and cover formulation combine to maximize stability and performance in the wind
  • Optic Yellow cover color enables enhanced shot tracking and visualization
  • Core Compression: 64 | Construction: 3-Piece
About Golf Ball Grades
Shipping, Returns, & Exchanges

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