Choosing the Right Golf Ball

Every golf ball manufacturer promises more distance, more accuracy, and a great feel, but the truth is that choosing a golf ball is a highly personalized decision. At Golf Ball Nut we try to look at as many variables in your play style as possible, as well as your preferences to help you choose a ball that brings out the best in your game.

Busting Myths

First of all, don't believe the hype that a certain ball will add 20-40 yards to your drive. Some folks will promise you that if you have a slower swing speed (less than 85 MPH), that a softer ball with more compression will give you a longer drive. The fact is that you are compressing the ball no matter how fast you swing. Fast balls for a 115 MPH swing are fast balls for an 85 MPH swing.

If a ball is softer it's going to drive shorter, no matter what your swing speed is.

The truth is that softer golf balls are slower with lower spin, while firmer golf balls are fast with up to almost 1500 RPM more spin.

Consistency is Key

What studies do show, is that at higher swing speeds, the average difference between the longest distance ball and the shortest is over 20 yards. Compared to slower swing speeds where the difference between different balls is as little as 5 yards. So the faster you swing, the more important it is to choose the right ball or you could be losing valuable distance off the tee. Otherwise, play for lower spin and consistency with your irons and around the green rather than aching for 5 extra yards on your drive.

After all, you drive for show and putt for dough. So tell us a bit about your golf game and we'll help you find a great fit.