Driving Range Etiquette

Driving Range Etiquette

By now you know that GolfBallNut collects lost and used golf balls from all over the country. The balls that are in mint or near-mint condition are sold direct back to the golfer. The lower quality used golf balls often find themselves being sent in bulk to driving ranges all over the country like TopGolf, Drive Shack, and others. With so many of our recycled golf balls being sent to driving ranges, we thought it might be beneficial to share some of the most important rules to follow when at a driving range:

1. Don’t Hit Balls At The Range Picker - It’s tempting, taking aim at the driver in the mesh-enclosed range-picker. But what may seem to you like harmless target practice is disrespectful of the very people who are trying to serve you.

2. Stay Inside The Boundaries - Those boundaries are there for a reason: the turf beyond needs time to recover. What it doesn’t need is to take a pounding from someone who thinks he’s more important than everyone else.

3. Don’t Dump The Bucket - Don’t tip the bucket over unless you plan to hit every single shot. Only take the balls you need and leave the rest in the bucket for the next golfer, rather than scattering them all about.

4. No Cross Angle Shots – Avoid cross-country shots. If you’re stationed at a stall on the left side range, don’t take aim at a green on the far right. Same goes for the other way around.

5. Organize Your Divots - Keep your divots in a vertical line, without digging too deep in a single spot. The maintenance crew will thank you. So will any golfer who comes next.

6. Don’t Hog The Stall – If the driving range is busy, be mindful of others who are waiting their turn.

7. No Rock Concerts – So you are a Metallica fan… We get it! So if you insist on hitting to the rhythmic strains of ‘Enter Sandman, do it through your earbuds and spare the rest of us your outdated taste.

8. Watch Your Backswing - This should go without saying but we’ll say it anyway: getting hit with a golf club hurts. So don’t take chances. When you’re walking behind other golfers, give them ample leeway. Twice as much as you think you need.

9. Keep Small Talk to a Minimum - Don’t pester your fellow rangers for tips. Exchanging simple pleasantries is okay, but this is not a place for prolonged chatter.

10. Stay Off Your Phone - If you get a call or need to make one, have some decency and walk far enough away so nobody can hear you. This happens far too often at the range: Think about how you'd feel if someone was yapping about their dinner plans in your backswing.

Follow these rules and everyone will have a great time at the driving range. Maybe you are the owner of a driving range instead? If so, feel free to reach out for bulk range balls at amazing prices. Remember that GolfBallNut is the best resource for recycled and refinished golf balls.

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