Srixon Z-Star XV

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Golf Ball Grades
Star performance can be broken down into two main features: Larger cores for improved ball speed and softer covers for maximum spin around the greens. The core of the golf ball can easily be thought of as the engine of the golf ball. What is true of an engine, bigger engines equal more power, is also true of a golf ball core. Bigger cores equal more power and more power equals more ball speed. With the Z-Star Tour, Srixon has produced a premium golf ball with the largest core in the industry. To generate maximum spin around the green, a soft cover is fundamentally important. The softer the material, the more it can deform at impact and grip the face for maximum spin. With a new proprietary urethane compound, Srixon has been able to take the already-soft cover seen in past Z-Star golf balls and go even softer, leading to maximum control around the greens.The Z-Star is softer than the XV and designed for the golfer with swing speeds between 80-105 mph designed for maximum performance and a soft feel in all areas of the game.

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