Callaway Chrome Soft Review

June 25, 2018

Callaway Chrome Soft Review

Callaway has historically been known as an industry leading golf manufacturer but over the last few years, they have upped their game to the next level. First, it was the Epic range and now it is the Rogue range that has hit the market by storm. Their golf ball design team has now followed suit in producing industry-leading products and the 4 piece Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball is currently one of the best premium golf balls available on the market. In order to establish just how good the Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball is let’s take a closer look at its design and overall performance.


Graphene-infused Dual Soft Fast Core

The Chrome Soft features Callaway’s new Graphene-infused Dual Soft fast core. This new dual/two piece core design features a larger inner core that maximizes compression at impact. This design of core allows the energy to be transferred efficiently from the clubface to the golf ball. The result of this effective energy transfer is a reduction in driver spin, which leads to higher launch angles and more distance. In addition to maximizing driving distance, this new core design also promotes better distance control on shorter irons and wedges.

Tour Urethane Cover

The Chrome Soft design features an ultra soft Tour Urethane Cover. This new ultra soft cover ensures exceptional feel and it also delivers ample amounts of spin on short chip and pitch shots around the green. 



The Chrome Soft is one of the softest golf balls currently available on the market. Soft golf balls compress easier than hard golf balls, and as a result, the Chrome Soft compresses easier on miss hit shots which ensures maximum distance regardless of where the ball is hit on the clubface. The Chrome Soft offers industry-leading feel and forgiveness on both full shots and on shots around the green. Great feel is extremely important especially on those delicate chip shots that us golfers are often faced with. Short-siding yourself presents a huge challenge in and of itself, but the great feel and spin that the Chrome Soft produces will make that next flop shot just a little bit easier.


No one wants to play with a golf ball that is covered in scuff marks and scratches. Buying a dozen new golf balls isn’t cheap (which is why used Callway Chrome Soft golf balls from GolfBallNut are such a great deal!) and thus it is very important to invest in a golf ball that has a durable long lasting cover. The Chrome Soft’s Tour Urethane cover is extremely soft and forgiving but it is also very durable. Sometimes scuff marks are unavoidable, but the Chrome Soft will look just as good on hole 18 as it did on hole 1.


Maximizing distance without compromising on accuracy is extremely important if you are serious about your improving your golf game. Gaining 10+ yards on your driver can be as simple as switching the golf ball that you play with. The Chrome Soft’s new Graphene-infused Dual soft fast core minimizes the spin on the golf ball after impact which promotes added distance. The reduction of spin also leads to greater accuracy, especially on iron shots.

The Chrome Soft vs other premium golf balls

In terms of technology, the Chrome Soft can compete with any other leading golf ball. A dozen new Chrome Soft golf balls, however, won’t come cheap. Premium golf balls carry a premium price tag, but the Chrome Soft is reasonably priced in comparison to other premium golf balls. The Chrome Soft is in the same price range as the Bridgestone Tour series and it is a touch cheaper in comparison to Titleist's premium golf ball selection.

The Chrome Soft on tour

The Chrome Soft is Callaway’s premium golf ball and it is used by Callaway Staff players on numerous professional tours around the world. PGA Tour professionals Wesley Bryan and Daniel Berger are two of many players that trust the Chrome Soft golf ball. On the LPGA Tour Michelle Wie and former world number 1, Yani Tseng, both choose the Chrome Soft as their golf ball of choice. If the Chrome Soft is good enough for the world’s best than it is certainly good enough for any amateur player.

Who should play with the Chrome Soft?

Golfers of any level with both slow and fast swing speeds will benefit from playing with the Chrome Soft. Ideally though faster-swinging players with a clubhead speed above 90 miles an hour will benefit most from playing with the Chrome Soft. Players with higher swing speeds are able to compress the golf ball with ease and the design of the core of the Chrome Soft delivers unparalleled results when compressed efficiently.


The Chrome Soft is an industry leading premium golf ball that is jam-packed with the best technology available on the market. Its design promotes distance, an unprecedented feel, and has a durable cover that stays intact for multiple rounds. The Chrome Soft will be a great addition to the bag of any golfer that is serious about taking their game to the next level.

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