Unmatched Product Quality

GolfBallNut.com operates out of a state-of-the-art facility in Scottsville, VA designed to process and ship over 20,000,000 new and recycled golf balls annually.  That's more than 380,000 golf balls a week!  


We contract with some of the finest private and public courses around the world including TPC Vegas, Champions Gate, Kings Mill, Greenbriar, The Plantation, Bay Hill and countless others assuring our incoming inventory contains a diverse mix of the best golf balls on the market.  After each incoming shipment undergoes a rigorous manual sorting procedure, only the finest golf balls continue on through our patented recycling process.  The end result is a golf ball that looks and plays like you just pulled it out of a fresh sleeve - but you paid up to 70% less than what you would have if you bought that same ball brand new.


Customer Service

At GolfBallNut.com, we're fanatical about customer service.  We look at each interaction our customers have with our website or customer service team as an opportunity to build and forge an on-going relationship.  Our relentless desire to delight our customers is reflected in the over 2,000 customer supplied five-star product reviews on our website, our 99.9% positive seller rating on Ebay and the tens-of-thousands of customers who continue to do business with us for each of the past 10 years.


30-Day Unconditional Return Policy

We know some first time customers are hesitant to try recycled golf balls, which is why we offer an unconditional 30-day return policy on any item purchased.  We even pay for return shipping.  We offer this truly risk free shopping experience because we're confident you'll be happy with the product you purchase, providing us with an opportunity to earn your business for years to come.

Our People

Co-founders Gerald Cason and Steve McMillian started GolfBallNut.com in 2001 with over 75 years of combined experience recycling golf balls.  Over the past 10 years they've assembled a team of 30 full time professionals to help build and expand their operation.  The GBN team is truly a family who enjoys and takes pride in their work; a feeling our customers say is reflected in the quality of our products and in every interaction you have with our staff.