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The design team at Top-Flite has come up with some amazing innovations in recent year, and dimple-in-dimple technology is just one example.  Top-Flite is now producing an extensive line of golf balls to meet every golfer’s needs.

Top-Flite’s 3-piece ball, the Gamer V2, is the company’s top-of-the-line ball.  With a thin, soft cover and dimple-in-dimple design, this is a high performance golf ball.  The high resiliency core offers surprising feel, considering the Gamer V2 is designed to be a long-flight golf ball.  A Dupont high-resiliency mantle equates to better energy transfer, which means more yards.

The original dimple-in-dimple ball, the Topflight D2, has been tweaked and given an expanded product line.  There are now no fewer than four models of the D2.  The original is still perhaps the most balanced, overall, but the newer D2 Feel has a softer, thinner cover for more spin and control.  The D2 Straight features a proprietary Slickote cover, reducing the side-spin responsible for hooks and slices.  And Top-Flite hasn’t forgotten women players with the D2 DIVA, customized to get the maximum out of lower swing speeds.

For exceptional value, the Top-Flite XL series is a must-try for recreational players.  These balls match up surprisingly well at lower swing speeds, and can add noticeable driving distance.    For a few extra dollars, an upgrade to the XL7000 series will give casual players some of the same ball technologies the pros use.