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The Titleist Pro V1 series is one of the gold standards in golf ball design.  Think of a top PGA Tour player, and chances are pretty good they're playing or have placed a ball in this series at one point in their career.

So why are these balls so popular?  The reasons are numerous.  Titleist Pro V1’s have some of the lowest measured spin rates off the driver of any ball on the market, which translates into substantially more yardage off the tee.  Titleist’s patented Drop-and-Stop technology also gives these balls superior greenside control.  And any serious golfer knows this is the secret to lower scores.

The cover is a unique high performance urethane elastomer, a material that translates to high performance and durability.  Titleist has come up with a proprietary staggered dimpling that has proven in wind tunnel testing to reduce air drag to unheard of levels.

Serious golfers can rest assured that an investment in Pro V1 golf balls will mean measurable results from tee to green.  Improving players looking to step into the world of pro-grade golf balls should give the Pro V1 a serious look.  And at GolfBallNut's prices, they can afford to do so.