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The number of tour pros who play Srixon golf balls is too numerous to mention, but a few highlights are names like Robert Allenby, Steve Flesch, Rob Pampling, and Vijay Singh, along with notables on the Lady’s and Champion’s tours. 

Srixon’s pro line, the Z-Star series, has proved on tour to be among the longest and best performing balls.  Srixon’s Invisiseam 324-dimple, ultrathin cover breaks new barriers in golf ball design.  Made for swing speeds from 80 to 105 mph, this ball compares favorably with any of the other top manufactures’ pro-line balls. 

For swing speeds over 105 mph, try the Srixon Z-Star X.  With a higher compression and firmer core, this ball is engineered to make the most of higher swing speeds.

Srixon has recently unveiled the TRISPEED series, with the aim of giving all levels of golfer a low spin (meaning high distance) ball.  Their Energetic Gradient Core means excellent feel inside 100 yards. 

For women golfers, Srixon offers the Lady Soft Feel, a 2-piece that boasts the same Energetic Core technology as the TRISPEED series, and produces a soft-feel ball that is a pleasure to play.

Mid-level golfers seeking a little more distance should also try the new AD333, which is designed to max out driving length for slower swing speeds.