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Precept Golf Balls are the premier ball on the ladies pro tour, and are a favorite by major champion Paula Creamer.   Precept manufactures the softest ladies ball available, for the greatest feel and control.  The company’s patented Seamless Cover Technology has allowed these balls to achieve some the most consistent performance in all conditions.

The premier Precept golf ball is the Ladies IQ Plus, now available in clear and pink varieties, along with traditional white. While the IQ Plus caters to mostly low handicap lady golfers, these balls have much to offer a mid-handicapper looking to improve her game.  

Precept has made creating a golf ball that performs well with lower swing speeds a top priority.   With this in mind, the company has come up with a ball designed to get more out of a lower speed swing, without sacrificing the feel the company has made their name with.

And the exceptional feel of Precept golf balls has not gone unnoticed by male golfers.  Nick Price, a hall of fame golfer, plays Precept Men’s balls for their unmatchable softness and feel.   Men should check out Precept’s EV Extra Spin for unmatched performance around the greens.